Get your rental surfboard in San Jose


Costa Rica has some of the most famous beaches, and they are awesome surf beaches. Don't miss out on the surfing!

Renting your surfboard in San Jose has many advantages. Airlines have been charging more each year for surfboard bag travel. It may make more sense financialy to simply rent a surfboard when you get to your destination.

The best thing about renting a surfboard from San Jose Surfboards is that we deliver and pick up your rental surfboard in San Jose (there is no additional charge for this service either). This means that you don’t have to worry about taking your own precious surfboard with you from home and running the risk of it getting damaged or lost on the flight to Costa Rica.

We have created this website so you can reserve in advance your surfboard at your destination and know exactly what board you are renting, and it will probably cost you less than transporting your own board, let alone saving a load of the hassle!

Renting your board in San Jose has the advantage that you will have it with you for your whole trip. You don't have to wait more time to search a rental surf board at every beach that you go and don't rely on the opening times of surf shops. The best waves are usually early in the morning. So if you will arrive at night at the beach the surf shops will most likely be already closed. You will miss the morning surf session because you won't be able to rent a surf board before the surf shops open. With San Jose Surfboards you only have to rent a surfboard once for your trip! The advantage of a long term surfboard rental is that the longer you rent a board the cheaper it gets!

All surfboards come ready to go, with a leash and some wax.

Save money and avoid the hassle of transporting your surfboard to and from Costa Rica.

We hope to hear from you soon!